Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Act of Drawing - Trial Images

These are a few trial images in a sequence I was thinking about. It lacks something I am am trying to come up with a better way to go about it. But actually tracking the movements that go along with a drawing is quite interesting. These look a bit too fake. I had to cut out the shadows which makes the whole thing look created, when it is really just a layering of images.

The Act of Drawing - The Line

Here is the first attempt at photographing the Act of Drawing. I started with the simplest element of drawing, the line. Obviously there is the "point", which is even simpler but no one is interested in seeing a point being drawn. The line is the simple element of drawing that involves motion.

These are really just testing out the apparatus for documentation. It still needs some work (ie better lighting, subject, etc) but it is going somewhere.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Act of Drawing - Machine Concept

The next step in my thesis is going to be documenting the act of drawing it self. A record of the moments, thought and time that go into creating an image. I need to develop a system or machine in order to do this. Below are the first conceptual sketches:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thesis - Lines Represent Time

A quote that I think is quite relevant to the new endeavor of thinking about and recording the act of drawing:

"All drawn lines have a speed that can be deduced: they have a beginning and an end, and therefore represent time, as well as space. Even a tracing of a photograph contains more 'time' than the original photograph (which represents just a fraction of a second) because the hand takes time to do it." - David Hockney