Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drawing - Using Harmony

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These are a few drawings I did while playing around with the Harmony program from the last post. It takes a little while to get used to how the program works. It isn't quite like drawing with pen and paper. Although I was using my mouse and trackpad. I imagine it would be quite different using a tablet or on the ipad/iphone. With those, you would have a bit more direct connection (or at least more familiar) with the drawing. As a result I found it quite difficult to subjects that were more rectilinear (as you can probably see in the house sketch). You almost have to let the drawing flow on it's own. So the organic shapes tended to work a bit better. It does bring up an interesting question of subject and medium. You really will get a completely different result by alternating the two. I think that is the next project.

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  1. How about authorship? It might be interesting to look at how these would diverge depending on the user, i.e. what is defined by the program and what remains open-ended.