Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Bed - In Progress 1

This is a scan of the drawing I am currently working on. Looking back at 3x3x3, it was said that the bed was the most successful element of that drawing. This new drawing is building on that success. Staring with the same bed, let the drawing generate the design. No orthographics, just rendering. It is a reversal of the standard way that architects work. This drawing is the work in progress. I thought documenting how the design grows and develops would be a useful exercise.

There are so many things happening in the folds of the fabric. The way the lights hits the fabric creates the deep shadows and causes the gradients to spread outward across the bed. From this, other ideas have begun to develop about the design of the rest of the room. The chaos of the bed makes me want to have a more regular pattern to the floor. Something more linear; Wooden floor boards, crossing under the bed horizontally. They will also need to be darker than the sheets. The sheets are very faint while being surrounded by white, but with something darker butting up against it, they will be easily distinguishable.


  1. I love how the pillow on the right is leaning against an invisible wall. It's as if the structure has already started to design and build itself.
    Great start.

  2. yes to the above! and i actually really like the ambiguity of what is sheet and what is floor- how the mind has to work a bit to figure out where one ends and the other begins... i almost want you to leave this bed in the white sea as is... it's a great start in any case.

  3. I noticed the pillow too! I like how the soft elements are used to describe the 'structure.' Can't wait to see more.