Thursday, April 2, 2009

Daybook - Excerpts from 3x3x3

The Perspective:

"I wonder, and have for some time now, where is the best place to take a perspective from? Eye height seems to make the most sense, but it doesn't always show the building as I would like it to. Maybe more from above...

...I close my eyes and try and picture the perspective in my mind.

I just went and scanned through some collections of architectural drawings in the library. All were different in regards to the viewing angle, but this does lead me to an answer of sorts: My perspective has to demonstrate something that the other drawings don't. In this project, I am trying to gain additional "dwelling" space. Therefore, my perspective should show that.

A lower angle, looking through the extended exterior space into the interior.

Also, picking a scene/scenery. It needs to have a location, so it doesn't sit all by itself in a blank field."

"I think I have figured out what the perspective is going to look like. It seems that setting up the fore, middle and back-ground gives the drawing depth and character.

The perspective is now roughed out in pencil. It looks okay, but there is something slightly off about it. I think the perspective of the background might be a bit wrong. I can't quite seem to figure it out."

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